Pak Army and ISI selected Indian targets

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Pak Army and ISI selected Indian targets

Published on: Tuesday, 10th May 2011 06:51 AM     By      Admin


Pakistan's Inter-Services intelligence facilitated terrorists to cross the border to carry out strikes on Indian targets chosen by the Pakistan Army, several detainees at the Guantanamo Bay facility told US interrogators, according to a fresh set of American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.

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The interrogation reports quoted a detainee as saying that ISI "allowed" militants to travel to India where they conducted bombings, kidnappings and killing of Kashmiri people and the targets were picked up by the Pakistani Army. 
The revelations add to Pakistan's embarrassment after Osama bin Laden was found living at a million-dollar mansion in the garrison city of Abbottabad.
The US was long aware of the presence of anti-India terror training camps in Pakistan with several inmates telling investigators how ISI allowed militants to carry attacks in India.