Indians Living in US

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Indians Living in US

Published on: Thursday, 30th December 2010 08:22 AM     By      Admin

Hello friends,

How do you think the life of Indians living in US could be??

Among some of the most beautiful and breathtaking locations, US is a country with a vast collection of  Independent luxury lodges and one of the popular Indian destination outside India. Over the past few years the richness of Indian tradition can be seen everywhere in US, the flavours of the Indian curries, Roti and Parantha. The festivals of Dipawali and Holi are an integral part of the traditions and culture of Indians in US. Despite of living in a culture that is totally different from us, doesn’t make much difference. There are lots Indian Socializing group in US facilitated by the popular regional portal for Indians living in US called

We are die hard fans of our desi food though it is rare to get the Indian taste in US, but when it comes to visit an Indian Restaurant, the names are known to most of Indians. You can find Indians at every nook and corner. US's Indian community has increased two folds since last decade. The popular portal for Indians living in US  helps Indians to socialize and meet fellow Indians in foreign land. You can find Local Indian Events, Online Indian socializing groups and above all it gives you a common platform to share your thoughts and discuss you requirements in larger context. There are lots of Indian singles in US who seem interested in searching their soul mates through the most popular Matrimonial and Matchmaking portal for Indian professionals in US called

Whether you are citizen of US or you are coming to this country for the first time  welcomes everyone. Even those who are new to US and need guidance. Rather than relying on second hand information, and getting confused with an array of jumbled answers ending up in a puzzle, you can reach hundreds of users on this portal and get direct information from them. You can even search for jobs in USIndian accommodation in US, Indian restaurants in US, Indian events in US, Indian Food in US and lots more. Today US is the favourite among the various destinations for Indian students who want to study abroad, US has steadily gained a reputation as a foremost International study destination . Many Indian students opt to study in US and enjoy learning in one of the world’s leading International and commercial hub. is also a popular portal for Indian students living in US where they can check out latest Indian Events in US, Indian flat-share for students, connect and socialise with fellow Indian students living in US and much more. You can connect to the large diaspora of Indian students on this website and can get latest updates and every day happenings in US.

Though US is a combination of diverse cultures but it has become a home away from home for the Indians living in US. Today Indians can enjoy all sorts of desi entertainment be it online Indian radios playing latest Hindi songs, or Bollywood movies being released every week in many popular Indian Movies theatres. Masti and excitement is the flavour of every season for Indians living in US. Lots of exciting Indian events in US are organised off and on for the regular Indian get-togethers.

If you have any queries in your mind regarding jobs for Indians in US or future aspects of jobs in US after recession, want to  discuss about NRI Weddings, NRI Matrimonials and NRI Parents, If you want to discuss any sensitive NRI topic like racism in US or If you want to know the tips like calling India on cheapest rates and tips on sending money to India and to check cheap flights to India or else if you want to connect with the NRI community, The NRI Today Forum is the best platform to share your thoughts. Sign up with NRI Today Forum and find answers of your questions with the broad spectrum of Indian Professionals in the world.


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