Join the Biggest Diwali Get-Together Outside India - Win Awesome Free Prizes

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Join the Biggest Diwali Get-Together Outside India - Win Awesome Free Prizes

Published on: Saturday, 23rd October 2010 03:06 AM     By      Admin


This year Indians have one more reason to visit their favorite city in the world "London", which is to celebrate Diwali in the heart of former British Empire... 
There are two opportunities to Participate in the spirit of Diwali Festival in London
a) The Biggest Diwali Get-together of Indians Outside India Sunday 31st Oct 2010 at Trafalgar Square, London
b) Biggest Diwali Bonanza Prize Draw in London - Absolutely Free to Participate, Nothing to Attend.
Every year, Mayor of London celebrates Diwali At famous Trafalgar Square in the heart of London. Its a huge program and more than 40000 people attend it every year. This Year Six of the UK's Biggest Indian-Asian Portals http://AsiansInUK.comhttp://IndianStudentsInUK.comhttp://IndianProfessionalsInUK.comhttp://BollywoodInLondon.com and the mighty have decided to support this initiative by London's Mayor and have organised their own BIG Get-Together at the same event! Their aim is to make it the Biggest Diwali Get-Together of Indians outside India. 
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Watch DiwaliInLondonBonanza TV advert here
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This is the first time, the combined might of 6 of the UK's biggest Indian-Asian portals have been put behind one single event and there is no doubt that the Diwali get-together in London event will be a huge success. Lots of South-Asian businesses and restaurants have come forward to offer raffle prizes to the lucky winners of Diwali In London Bonanza, which is one more commendable achievement for these portals. All the prizes are free and no purchase is required. The associated event on world's leading social networking website facebook (, is no doubt fast becoming the biggest NRI event of its kind till date on that platform. Our NRI youth is clearly on a high after the astounding success of CWG back home and would be very much willing to show their pride and joy at such an occassion by attending in huge numbers. 

Navin Arora, Young Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of and Founder of (aka and author of (A very popular UK Guide for Indians), looks back at the whole journey with pride "development of began in mid 2008 and beta version was launched in Jul 2008. Soon thereafter we launched dedicated portals for Indian students & professionals in UK and a few months later to capture all Bollywood related activity in London was launched as well. We have since mid 2008, launched 18+ NRI portals across the world, including NRI Matrimonial and Bollywood portals for Expat Indian Communities worldwide (recent reports suggest, there are 24 Million Indians settled abroad). We also have numerous NRI social media assets on popular social media platforms. We are the first in some specific segments e.g. Localised Regional NRI Social Networking Hubs with loads of information & features (e.g. classifieds, events) for NRIs, self managed booking-fee free social event ticket sales and World’s 1st location aware FREE iPhone App for NRI Singles "NRIsConnect" along with a dedicated portal for Single NRIs worldwide. Our NRIsConnect App recently made it to the Final round of Top Indian Mobile Apps, at NASSCOM’s emergeout contest in Aug 2010. It won't be an exaggeration if we say that we are the undisputed NRI Social Media Leader Worldwide

Internet at its heart is the best democratic platform out there. It puts the power to decide in the hands of masses. People help people by answering questions and posting informative threads on disussion forums. People are using internet to connect with their community as well as to meet and bond with each other. Well, Indians are no different and after dominating the world in IT, Cinema, Space research we have become the first community on planet which has its own 18 dedicated social media hubs across the planet. The Indians In London community is probably the most active one out there. Indians in London celebrate Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, Dandiya, Garba, Navratri, Eid and many Sikh & Jain festivals together in a big way. Attendance at Garba/Dandiya is especially huge and long queues of  fans can be seen outside some popular garba/dandiya venues in London. People of all ages enjoy these Indian festivals together and feel pride in their Indian Hetritage. These NRI Community Portals worldwide have catalogued all this useful information about local venues, Indian festivals , Indian events, Local Indian Community News and Blogs etc at one place. Event listings on these portals is free and whats more, selling event tickets using your Paypal Id is also free, making them the best platform for booking-fee free ticket sales of charity and not-for-profit Indian events.

Navin further elaborates, "The main aim of our highly enthusiastic and motivated team is to do our bit in preserving the Rich Indian Culture, Indian Traditions, Art & Theatre for future generations in foreign lands by providing local regional community web portals to everyone who loves our culture. These portals are fast becoming the main point of contact for the local community in their region. 
When asked "Have you received any recognition or appreciation for your tireless work in keeping these online NRI Community platforms buzzing and helping to integrate our divided Indian communities abroad?"  Navin smiles and answers "I didn't spend days and nights in writing these & guides by hand to get some award or recognition. When I came to London, I knew no one, had no information and hence learned everything from experiences and started making efforts to make friends by getting involved in Indian Cultural Events. There was clearly a need for "home away from home" kind of community portals and I didn't want everyone to re-invent the wheel again and waste time in going through the same cycle again. Greatest appreciation for me,  will be people using them, enjoying the rich Indian culture and bonding with their community again." + 18 worldwide NRI portals, is a project managed from the heart of London. Enjoy being an Indian in London like never before. Join your community and make it strong. We are sure that there’s something for every NRI abroad at one of our portals mentioned at" - A flagship venture of 

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